Profitable, smart and definitive

Limitless expansion and coverage

Citymesh ® is the first wireless communicator that has used Mesh technology in electronic security.

Does not require cell chips or big radio structures. Each installed CityMesh ®works as a smart repeater within the network, enabling the natural expansion of the area of coverage. This concept turns it into more than a simple communicator, since every installed device strengthens and expands the network.

This product has continuously evolved and, today, it has become a robust, trustworthy and definitive answer in the market. It is a certified product and it works in networks of more than five thousand equipments. Strengthen your proposal with solid and innovative development.

Main technical features

Transparent Contact ID protocol in real time.

Automatic and smart configuration: the equipment does not require any kind of configuration, either previous or during installation.

Zigbee integrated module (Zigbee 3.0).

Communication stability: dual link.

Mesh radio module: ISM band, 902 to 928 MHZ: unlicensed bands, free.

WIFI in all devices.

The Mesh Network generated by the installed equipment has multiple links to the monitoring center, ensuring communication in a way that has not yet been achieved in this type of system.

As all the equipment is linked in a radio way, they generate multiple paths available to guarantee the arrival of the alarm event to the monitoring center. Each team that is integrated receives the attributes of the mesh network and contributes its own, enhancing it.
The network is thus highly scalable.

All equipment has the possibility of being connected to the internet through a WIFI connection.
This will create a mesh network with redundancy and multiple internet connections. For each computer installed with internet, a network of up to 500 radio subscribers can be generated.

In the event of power outages or internet outages, each team will automatically and intelligently choose the optimal way to communicate their message through another team with an internet connection. There is the possibility of installing 3G mesh equipment in the network for rural or isolated installations.

Stable connection
No chip
Less technical services
No technological obsolescence

Alarm panel function

Ideal for residencies, small businesses

For possible use in apartments

It is possible to install only one Citymesh ® PER FLOOR, substantially reducing installation and maintenance cost. Each apartment will be assigned to a partition. In this way, each client will have a username and will only manage the partition that has been assigned to the apartment.

The Mesh network generated by the installed devices has multiple links to the central monitoring station, guaranteeing the most modern form of communication.

  • 8 partitions
  • 64 wireless zones (Zigee) per division
  • Domotics: Presence simulation, automation, smart home.
  • Easy and fast installation (aplicación móvil)
  • Compatibile with any Zigbee device in the market

WIRED-ZONE Expander Plaque

Convert the traditional panel and easily manage all the zones from the App!
  • 7 wired zones
  • 2 PGM outputs
  • Possibility of wired siren
  • Full control from mobile App
  • Simple and intuitive installation
With more than 10 years of experience in electronic security systems, we have developed an APP for technicians and final users.
Provide more solutions to clients, reduce installation time and generate traceability in the equipment of the clients.

Mobile App for CLIENTS

  • Activate and deactivate alarm.
  • Send emergency alarm.
  • Realizar ingreso seguro.
  • Manage CityMesh alarm panel, control the alarm system and domotic accessories.

Mobile App for TECHNICIANS

  • Activate new installations.
  • Add new divisions.
  • Add new peripherals.
  • Manage peripherals during installation.
  • Add notes and observations.
  • Make remote technical services.

DOMO ® is a free Mesh network management platform. It is software that does not need any kind of installation. It has a web interface to use in all devices connected to the Internet.

It is a technical platform for services to use exclusively in the monitoring central unit, with no activation or operating cost. It is optional, free, solid and non-blocking and it can be used in the cloud or be hosted on the server of the monitoring central unit, totally independent from third parties.

MESH Network management

  • No maintenance cost.
  • Add new services.
  • Web access and control.
  • It is an efficient instrument. It makes technical remote diagnostics easier.

CITYMESH message entry

Citymesh ® is compatible with all software in the market because of Sur-Gard MLR2 or SYSTEM III emulated in the entry options. CityMesh ® receptor is free.