“The CityMesh was an almost magical solution to the problems we had”

MeshTalks – #1 Miguel Turchi
President of 901 Monitored Security

“Offering this cutting-edge technology at zero cost opened doors that were closed”

MeshTalks – #2 Ezequiel Colombo
Sales Area of 901 Monitored Security

“After working together with you for 10 years, I would develop this product again with the Mesh Network”

MeshTalks – #3 Roque Colombo
Partner and Head of Technical Area of 901 Monitored Security

“They offer the customer to create their own infrastructure and not depend on another”

MeshTalks – #4 Mauricio Reina
Commercial Manager IPC

“Your products are very interesting and have always worked very well”

MeshTalks – #5 Manuela Cuneo
Manager Interar S.A. Arkay Alarmas

“With the Mesh Network we reduce the cost of equipment by 50%”

MeshTalks – #6 Weimar Díaz
Director of Technological Media Servagro Private security

“We installed one of their computers and were amazed at the reach of the network”

MeshTalks – #7 Rubén E. Barrón
Segu24 CEO

“CityMesh opens a new world for us, prepares us to offer more services”

MeshTalks – #8 Gastón Lupetrone
Antares Security Director

“With CityMesh we no longer have a problem of downed teams”

MeshTalks – #9 Martín Merli
Gerente General Alarmas TAM

“We were able to improve the bond with the client and it does not depend on a single communication channel”

MeshTalks – #10 Luciano y Agustín Araldi
SIGNAL Seguridad Electrónica

“The Mesh network is managed in a friendly way and has technical support day and night”

MeshTalks – #11 Alfoel Ramírez
Responsable de Sistemas en Romero Sistemas